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Why Do I Not Have A Lot Of Visitors To My Website?

Now this is a very good question. You see, just because you have a website sending your products or services that does not necessarily mean that, you will always be able to attract your customers or potential clients. Yes, statistics might show that you have a lot of people visiting the website but, people are not buying your things. They do not stay in your website very long so exactly what is the problem?

Spotting the root of the problem

If you want to be able to spot the problem then, the very first thing you’re going to want to do will be to go to your website. You will need to try and see this from the point of view of your potential clients and customers. Try to ask yourself the following question. Does your website pass the 3 second rule?

A good bit of online research is going to be able to help you understand exactly what these rules is all about. Basically, according to statistics, if you are not able to capture the attention of your clients in the very first three seconds then you have basically lost that potential client. This is the three second rule and this is most certainly something that you’re going to want to fix. Because, these might seem a bit strange in the beginning but we can guarantee that, this might actually be the reason why people are leaving your website.

Give them what they want

If you’re not able to provide them with something interesting from the very beginning then they will have absolutely no reason to stay. In other words, they will just check out the website and see nothing that they might be interested in. If you have been interesting products or services or if there is something in your website that will definitely be able to capture the attention of your potential clients than that something needs to be in the very first page.

Do not hide your most valuable content somewhere in the website. No one is going to take the time to check out the different pages to look for something they want. They will simply move on to the next website and this is definitely something you’re going to want to avoid. You do not want them to hunt in order to find what you have to give them why you want to give that to them right then and there. That way, you will definitely guarantee in getting more visitors to your website and of course, more customers.


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