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Cordova, Tennessee


Cordova is a village in the state of Tennessee. Because the village has not been incorporated and much of its original area has been annexed by Memphis City, the boundaries are not exact. Still, it can be said that the village of Cordova comprises the area bordered by Pisgah Road on the east side, Whitten Road on the west side, Interstate 40 on the north side, and Wolf River on the south side. Any area that is within these boundaries is considered part of Cordova. Founded in 1835 as Allentown, the place soon changed name several times. The final name as Cordova was picked in 1900.

Fast Facts

  • The village of Cordova is set in Shelby County, Tennessee.
  • The exact size of the area is not well defined as many parts are already annexed by the City of Memphis.
  • The village began as a farming community established in 1835.
  • The original name of Cordova is Allentown which the residents replaced with Marysville. Then, it was named as Dexter but that caused confusion because of a town with the same name set along the same railroad line that courses through this town. Thus, the place renamed itself as Cordova.
  • Today, the place is a fast-growing area, with several commercial and retail centers.
  • Still, the city does not forget its past, choosing to keep the historic downtown intact and annual fairs and celebrations still being celebrated every year.

Exploring the City

Small as it truly is, it would be very easy to explore Cordova when one takes enough time to visit its attractions and traverse its roads. The downtown area has the highest concentration of retail centers and shopping areas. This is a good place to explore but don’t forget to bring your credit card or some cash as there simply are a lot of delightful options to buy in the shops. The village is also known for the fresh flowers produced in the area and sold fresh at Memphis. Thus, it is not surprising that many of the areas all over the city are pretty with flowers and various green plants. Book your Cordova Hotels with Reservations.com.

Things to Do

Make it a point to explore the village of Cordova to learn more about its heritage, culture and history. It is a good idea to start with the historic downtown area, maybe do some shopping and have fun dining at the restaurants you will find there. Then, having experienced the offerings of the downtown area, take a stroll to see historic places like the Sangie Cemetery, the Walter Granville Allen House, the Cordova Station (former train station), and the Cordova Community Center.

Best Dining Spots

A great many options can be enjoyed by travelers heading to Cordova in terms of food and drinks. Huey’s-Cordova offers tasty American dishes, while Shogun Japanese Steakhouse and Osaka Japanese Cuisine serve delicious Japanese menus. For Mexican and Latin American dishes, try dining at La Hacienda or enjoy Thai food at Thai Bistro. There are also Chinese restaurants in town like the Fulin Chinese Restaurant. You can also savor the best grilled and barbecued food in town at Jim ‘n Nick’s Bar-B-Q as well as Moe's Southwest Grill.

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